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The services we provide are the building blocks of successful practice management.


Credentialing services and contract negotiations to maintain existing and initiate new payer relationships

Micro MD practice management system in a cloud based application with the ability to interface with most electronic medical records systems

Billing service which provides old school follow-up, patient account services, claims, and statements with monthly reporting summary

Bookkeeping, payroll, and monthly financial reporting with interface with the practice’s tax professional

Management to insure internal control systems are established and efficiency of operation is maintained

Human resources management to find and maintain good employees

Staffing service to provide qualified staff, a float pool for absences, and a competitive benefit package at a reasonable cost

We have developed relationships with the major payers such that we have been able to complete participation agreements for our clients that would otherwise not be done.

Project 1 – Setting up a Practice

A physician came to us in mid-October to start a new practice as he was leaving a large group practice on December 1st.  We provided a proposal for practice start-up and management but advised that 45 days was short notice.

We met the following Wednesday to make some minor adjustments to the proposal.  The the physician told us it was not December 1st but would be on Friday.

We got his new phone line run into our office, hired a receptionist, and begin taking appointments on Monday.  The physician used a colleague’s space to see patients until his new office was ready on December 1st and transition was completed. Volume increased as did physician income.

Project 2 – Credentialing Problems

When we began managing an existing practice, we discovered that the nurse practitioner’s credentialing with Medicare was never completed.  The in-house biller had been billing all of her claims under the physician even though the “incident to” billing rules were not always in compliance.

We fixed the credentialing and filed a voluntary disclosure to HHS Office of Inspector General with a refund and the matter was closed in a few weeks.  Overall billing performance has significantly improved compared to in-house billing.

Project 3 – Management Issues

A four physician practice was quickly a one physician practice.  To make matters worse, two successive office managers were misappropriating funds.

We were asked to take over management of the practice.  By reducing cost, improving billing performance, and training staff the bottom line was doubled.